Mia L. Shared Her Thoughts...

So glad to have found a line of skincare solutions that actually work!  I've used Shea butter and a number of name brand lotions for years, but the results I achieve with the Creamy Ointment and Jelly far surpass any other products on the market.

I see and feel a noticeable improvement in my skin condition...Loving how the creamy ointment absorbs quickly and the Jelly does wonders in extending the softness throughout the day.  A winning combination!

I've also been using the oil cleanser product in the shower which has been a great addition to my routine.  After one use, my skin barely needed lotion. Ideal for those seeking an in-shower "one and done" option for preventing dryness.  

Alexander Peralta, Jr., M.D., HMDC, DABHPM CMO and Director of Palliative Care Com Shared...

Bathing patients that are bed bound is challenging for caregivers, especially those patients with cognitive aging.  Advance Comfort Products developed by Pat Bailey are customized, personalized products for all patients.  Self-heating Cleansing Oil made by Advance Comport is a unique moisturizing and cleansing oil, which warms when water is added (exothermic reaction).  So instead of the patient pulling way or shivering from a cold bath they are comforted with a soothing feeling of warm water and oil that cleanses the skin and removes old tissue, which can be a source of infection.  It is also an emollient that keeps the skin from drying, cracking and itching.  I would highly recommend the Self-Heating Cleansing Oil for your patients.   

Camilla W. Shared Her Thoughts...

I've tried your products on my 88 year old mother since she was 84.  The last two & a half years she has been bed bound.  Her home health professional and doctors all comment on how beautiful and soft my mother's skin is.  Thanks for creating these products.  God Bless You!

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